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       Welcome To Kernco's Instrumentation Website

  Kernco is the proud distributor for many different instruments. We carry a wide line of instruments which can be viewed on our product index page. We list our product categories with appropriate links so you can easily navigate our website to obtain prices and specifications.

Who is Kernco?

For fast access to prices and specifications on the Photo Products listed below click on to Product Description under the Individual Photos shown below (over 500 other instruments listed).


Contact Type
Contact/Non-Contact Type

Non-Contact Tachometer
Combination Photo Tachometer/Stroboscope
Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
and Dangerous Gas Leak Detectors


Measure Airflow
Digital Display


Gas Detectors

Wall mounted with alarms

Gas Transmitters-4-20mA

Portable Models

Multi-Channels (up to 10 channels)

NIST Cert.
Check RPM & detect cyclic motion behavior
7 Models (AC or battery operated)
Hand optical and digital
Many ranges to measure brix, salinity, industrial fluids, serum protein & urine specific gravity


Digital Desktop/Portable Refractometer
2.5" LCD Display
High/Low Alarms
Calibrate with distilled water
Many ranges
Conductivity/pH/TDS Meters & Dosing Pumps

Industrial Fluids Testers
Optical and Digital
Measure Cutting & Grinding solutions
Coolants & Lubricants
Other industrial Fluids

4-20mA Amperometer/Simulator
Monitor & regulate 4-20mA outputs
Measure Currents
LCD Display
Calibrate recorders & other features
Clinical Refractometers
Hand optical and digital models
Measure serum protein & urine specific gravity, as well as R.I.
5 Models to choose from
Use in hospitals, veterinarians and in laboratories
ABBE Refractometer
Low Cost - Under $700.00
Range 0-95%   R.I. 1.3000-1.7000
No AC Power Required
Ideal for Research and Quality Control


Battery and Antifreeze Testers
Hand optical and digital
8 models
Determine battery coolant status:  Good, Fair or Recharge
Indicates specific gravity, freezing point temp. & battery charging level
Scales for Ethylene & Propylene Glycol 

Boiler Controllers
Control blowdown valves to maintain conductivity levels
Control concentration of TDS.  NEMA 4X enclosure

 Vibration Meters
Measure machine vibrations
Meets international standards
Continuous monitoring
4-20mA output
Two models available
Event Recorders
Record downtime/productive time.
Record 8, 12 or 24 hour periods.
Many options available
pH/ORP Meters Pumps & Dosing Pumps Moisture Meters
Paper - measure paper stock, corrugated boxes, bale scrap paper, etc.
Cotton- scaled for lint or seed cotton, up to 100 readings
Certified Humidity & Temperature Indicators
5 Models
5" dial
ISO-9001 Tested
Some models read both Fahrenheit & Centigrade
One model has digital display
Static Meters
Infra-Red Thermometers ORP Monitors, Controllers &
ORP Dosing Pumps
Oxygen & Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers Digital Time Study Boards

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  • Anemometer
  • Boiler Controller
  • Conductivity
  • Dataloggers
  • Gas Detectors
  • Humidity/Temp Recorders
  • Ph. ORP. Salt Refractometer
  • Tachometer/Stroboscope
  • Vibration Meter
  • Water Quality Meter
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